World Teachers’ Day is held annually on 5 October to celebrate all teachers around the globe.

No matter how fancy the facilities or how impressive the academics, the only thing that is really going to make your child truly fall in love with school is their teacher.

The power of a teacher is incredible. One good teacher can change the world in a thousand different ways by inspiring his or her pupils. And one good teacher can change the course of a child’s whole life by shaping their future and instilling a lifelong passion for learning.

When it comes to education, teachers are everything.

We all remember the teachers who touched our lives as children. The job of a teacher is not only crucially important, it can be very challenging.

Teachers: we see your hard work, and we thank you for it.

This World Teachers Day 2022, top UAE school Principals and parents have shared their nominations for the very best teachers in the emirates.

Clare Turnbull, School Principal, and the staff, parents and pupils of Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai say a big shared thank you to…

Samantha Brusse, Head of Nursery, Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai

“Samantha is a fantastic teacher and a wonderful colleague! She has been part of the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai’s founding team and has helped us so much with the launch of the school, really stepping out of her comfort zone to help us build this amazing start-up school that means so much to our staff, our founding families and all our new joiners this academic year.”“Sam always goes above and beyond and has taken the lead in organising our annual Global Be Well Day at RGSGD. As a member of the Cognita family of schools, RGS Guildford Dubai is proud to have this special day in the calendar, and this year was just phenomenal. Sam coordinated teacher activities, parent engagement, suppliers and so much more, to make this an incredibly enjoyable day for all children. This year’s theme was diet and nutrition and all the children created different dishes and smoothies throughout the morning.  We even had a professional chef cook with us in our new Food Tech room!”“Thank you, Samantha, for organising this inspiring day and for all the effort you put in every day with our children and families.”