Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Key findings from a recent Censuswide survey commissioned by leading British Curriculum school, the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai, revealed that there’s never been a more important time for schools to be teaching future-ready skills as part of the curriculum.

Answered by parents in the UAE as we emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 70% of parents who took part in the survey stated that the number one thing they worry about when it comes to their children’s education is how well the school is preparing them for the future. 71.6% of parents who took part said they believe it’s more important than ever that their children are taught future-ready skills since the pandemic. The survey also revealed that the future-ready skills that parents are looking to be taught include adaptability which came out on top with 52.40% votes, followed by problem-solving (46.8%) and teamwork (46.4%).

Clare Turnbull, Principal at the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai commented: “We really do understand the importance of teaching our pupils the skills to be future-ready at the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai, which is why we teach a curriculum that maintains a balance between what is learnt and how it is learnt to shape and prepare future-ready young people. This is backed up by our bespoke leadership programme that focuses on character development, leadership and teaching the skills young people need to become well rounded and secure young people who are ready to make a difference in the world.”

The survey also revealed that the subject parents would most like to see as standard on the curriculum to prepare their children for the future is finance management. 52.4% of parents questioned revealed that they’re looking for finance skills to be taught in schools and 51.2% of parents questioned stated that they are looking for artificial intelligence to be taught too.

Commenting on the findings that parents are keen for finance management to be taught, Clare Turnbull, Principal at the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai said: “Now more than ever it is rare that we use physical money, which comes with many positives and negatives for our children. We encourage them to understand the meaning of value, of different ways of earning, saving and spending money.  These early forms of life skills tie in well to the essential entrepreneurial skills that our young people develop in upper key stage 2 and beyond.   Within our maths curriculum, as well as looking at basic money transactions, we look at savings, the implications of compound interest and the variety of ways businesses can find their expansions.”