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Whether it’s getting a head start on asking Santa Claus for presents or receiving a long-awaited note from a pen pal overseas, writing letters can be such a fun and meaningful activity — both for the person doing the writing and for the person receiving it.

To celebrate the art of letter writing, our friends at the Emirates Literature Foundation have put together a list of books to help inspire younger readers to pick up the pen and join in on the fun.

If you do want to brush up on your letter-writing skills, why not enter the RGS Guildford Dubai’s Letter Writing competition for a chance to win an exciting prize.

Paddington’s Post by Michael Bond, with illustrations from R. W. Alley

Join everyone’s favourite bear from Darkest Peru as he tells his Aunt Lucy all about his new life with the Brown family as he settles in his new home in London. Follow along as Paddington puts together different items of post, documenting all his new friends and the experiences he’s had along the way — and even receives a special piece of mail all his own.

The warmth in Bond’s writing really highlights how letters can bring people closer while R.W. Alley’s charming illustrations bring Paddington’s whole world to life in gorgeous and colourful detail. The interactive element of certain editions, make this the perfect addition to any collection.