The School Show returns this week and our host, WhichSchoolAdvisor.com’s Senior Editor, Jenny Mollon, poses the question “What Will Education Look Like in 2030”?

To help us all to understand how education is likely to evolve in the coming decade we enlisted two of Dubai’s most eminent education futurologists into the studio.  Jenny welcomed Craig Lamshed, Founding Principal of one of Dubai’s newest schools, the Royal Grammar School, Guildford Dubai and Mike Lambert, Headmaster of Dubai College, a school which is now something of a Dubai landmark itself, having opened to students in 1978!

Tune in to hear Jenny, Craig and Mike discuss:

  • Predictions for the imminent future…what are the initiatives that are happening in schools now that will gain traction over the next 2-5 years?
  • Whether the pandemic has accelerated change in schools?
  • How pastoral care will evolve and improve?
  • The qualifications that are gaining in popularity — what are the subjects students want to study?
  • How the English National Curriculum will change and improve?
  • How the priorities of the UAE will influence our schools
  • Predictions for changes to how Dubai schools will be inspected and regulated
  • The future of exams and, finally…the future of vocational education!

It’s a big, broad discussion and our two highly experienced international school leaders give some superb insight and candid opinion on how things may (and should!) change.