Our school reflects the same high standards and inspiring ethos of our home school in the UK. We’re proud of our facilities, curriculum, and our heritage, but most of all we’re proud of our people. The inspiring and hardworking staff at our school are the key to creating a nurturing and engaging environment, in which children can thrive and learn better than ever. We are honoured to share with you here, some of the invaluable parent feedback we have received.

Mr White, who enrolled his twin daughters in our school mentioned that it was because of “the teachers that he met and the leadership of Mrs Turnbull and Mr Lamshed, who are really building something special in Dubai.” He has since seen a remarkable difference in his girls just in the first term!

Mrs Parekh, enrolled her two children at RGSGD because she has “never met a higher calibre of teaching staff, that have the genuine best interests of the children at the heart of everything they do’’ and that ‘’the teachers and staff’s ethos of teaching, enthusiasm for the children, and their wellbeing really resonated”. Ms Parekh’s children are always excited to be with friends and teachers, and are incredibly engaged with their classes.

“There’s a real sense of community at the school and with the RGS parents, and you feel really involved with daily updates on your children’s education.” says Mrs Witherspoon. Her twin daughters are always excited for lessons and ECAs, all thanks to the care of the team!

Mrs Seagrim said ”The teachers are very creative and make a huge effort to make learning very interesting, from languages to art, to music, science and all of the core subjects”. Read the full article here ‘Life at RGS Guildford Dubai – A Parents View’

We believe that happy and engaged pupils are successful pupils!

Listen to their stories below, and find out what makes the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai a truly special place.