Learning Habits

At RGS Guildford Dubai, we are committed not only to providing our pupils with an excellent curriculum but also to providing them with the skills they will need for successful futures. Our six Learning Habits are attributes developed and designed to help our pupils not only in their academic pursuits, but throughout their daily lives, enabling them to be more resilient and independent learners.

The Learning Habits will be integrated in to lessons, activities and daily school life, quickly becoming part of your child’s routine. In this article, we outline what these habits mean for us as a school, and how your child will benefit from applying them to their daily lives.


Even from a young age, being able to develop the skill of organisation is key to wellbeing and success. We at RGS Guildford Dubai are keen for even our youngest pupils to begin learning how to organise their belongings, their school equipment and their personal needs in order to promote independence from the outset. We will help them find their own way of organising their time and deadlines in a way which works for them personally. We recognise that each child will have different organisational needs and part of the journey of this Learning Habit will be defining and developing these.


Engagement is something we are extremely keen to promote here at RGS Guildford Dubai. Collaborating with other pupils is something we encourage at all times, cultivating an environment in which all pupils feel happy to contribute and listen to their peers, taking on different roles in group tasks and building relationships with others in the classroom. Engagement through collaboration also helps our pupils to help their peers, by sharing their own effective learning habits and testing out those of others.


As Albert Einstein once said, “imagination is more important than knowledge”. Our school environment is truly built to bring this quote to life, encouraging our pupils to release their creativity both inside and outside the classroom. Developing a child’s imagination will not only help them in exploring their own passions, but in inspiring others around them to delve deeper in to their own creativity to chase their aspirations and dreams. An active imagination also helps our pupils in taking on new and exciting challenges, giving them the tools to thrive in unfamiliar situations.


In a world filled with distraction and opportunity, developing the skill of perseverance is essential in fostering a determined and successful child; a child who has confidence in the knowledge that they can cope, even in the most challenging of situations. We will equip our pupils with this confidence to succeed, no matter the academic or personal obstacles they are faced with. This could be through extension tasks in class, developing logical thinking skills or through trying new sports or creative pursuits. Whatever the area, we nurture the belief in our pupils that they can succeed.


At RGS Guildford Dubai, we encourage our pupils to push beyond their own and their teachers’ expectations, and aspire to be the very best they can be. This applies to both their personal and their academic lives, and we believe that a holistic approach to developing all of our pupils’ goals is key to their ultimate success. These could be on the sports field, in the classroom or on stage. Taking on new opportunities and responsibilities will broaden their aspirations, whilst continuing to develop their current successes. We believe that achieving one specific goal is not the end of the road – the achievement is opening the door for the next aspiration in our pupils’ hearts.


We encourage reflection on a continuous basis as a way to aid our pupils in building an understanding of themselves and their learning. One of the most important things for our pupils to understand is that success and failure both serve to help us in our progression, our self-improvement and in becoming more independent and confident in our endeavours. It is important for all our pupils to recognise not only their areas of strength but also areas for development, upon which they can build yet more success successful futures.


As a pupil at RGS Guildford Dubai, your child will benefit from lessons and activities that will guide them on a journey of development, guided by a passionate and skilled body of teaching staff. Our six Learning Habits will give your child the tools to become independent, open-minded global citizens and set them on a path to academic and personal achievement.