The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai will open its doors in September 2021. Founding Principal Craig Lamshed is hard at work behind the scenes, preparing to welcome the first cohort of students. We asked Mr Lamshed to spend a little time with us so we could learn about his career and plans for this brand new English National Curriculum school in Tilal Al Ghaf.

Mr Lamshed, what drew you to a career in Education?

I’m from South Australia in Country Victoria. Growing up, my mum was an Akela [a Cub Scout Leader] and my Dad was a Scout Master. It meant that I was always around young people and always working with the leadership in the Scout organisation. Watching my parents, I could see that for them, this wasn’t a job, it was something they had a real passion and love for. I think I took that on!

I was fortunate enough to have a great time in my own school career too. I had amazing teachers, great opportunities, I was challenged and wellbeing was placed central to my schooling throughout. I think that great experience made me think, I can do this.

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