A bright new home of learning

A campus is far more than just a set of buildings with classrooms, dorms, labs, or offices. It is an entire ecosystem of learning, whose facilities, layout, and design principles are all part of every pupil’s journey in distinct ways, which overall represents the school’s identity.

As such, the Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai campus was built not only to support each Pupil with quality facilities, but also to embody the values of the Royal Grammar School Guildford as a whole.

The Campus

The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai is characterised by an innovative design philosophy, and a strong focus on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Each space in the 40,000 square-meter campus is designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and naturally beautiful space for every pupil to learn. Watch our video that provides an understanding of the impressive and innovative design at RGSGD.



RGS Guildford Dubai features world-class facilities that provide each pupil with space to grow, learn, and play.
An impressive multipurpose auditorium with room for an audience of over 500 provides ample space for school events and presentations. It also features a two-storey library, combining an extensive collection of physical books with the latest information technology to provide students with everything they need to research and learn at their own pace.
As RGS Guildford Dubai pupils grow, they are taught to become more independent in their learning, and the school supports that with its specialist facilities. The campus features art, language, music, and technology labs that pupils can use to explore not only during classroom sessions, but also in their own time.

The school also provides extensive support for children’s physical well-being, with a wide array of sports facilities that will host physical education classes, school games, and extracurricular activities. Among these are a 25-metre swimming pool, a smaller pool for young pupils still learning how to swim, and even a full-size football pitch.
All of the learning areas are linked together by a central ‘street’ area, which provides lots of natural light, an open view of the rest of the building, and a beautiful atrium filled with trees, plants, and biophilic walls upon which other vegetation grows.

Sports hall
Swimming pool
Class room

Sustainable Approach

RGS Guildford Dubai’s campus was designed with sustainability at its core. This approach has led to an array of accolades and accreditations for sustainability - the campus won the “Energy Project of the Year” award at the Big Project Middle East Awards, and is considered the first nearly Zero Energy School in the region. It is also the first project in the Middle East that has received a BREEAM rating, one of the leading global metrics used for sustainable development in buildings.

Key to achieving this was the construction of on-site solar PV facilities with 875 kWp capacity, installed on the rooftop and carpark. This solar array is expected to generate some 1.4GWh every year and save as much as 629 tons in carbon emissions. The entire campus is expected to consume approximately 60kWh/sqm annually, meeting the 61kWh/sqm standard of the Emirates Green Building Council of a nearly zero energy building.
Another important feature is a remarkable 3000sqm skylight that is supported by an inflated pillow structure, providing natural illumination for the learning spaces and vastly reducing the reliance on artificial lighting during the day. There are also 4000sqm of green walls and lush vegetation in the central atrium, which bring natural beauty to the interiors.

Each of the 27 Early Years and Primary classrooms is shaded to reduce HVAC energy consumption. This is accomplished through an innovative stepped design, where higher floors are placed outwards from the center, providing shade for the facilities below. This hierarchical design also contributes to the way pupils are organised - older pupils will be given freedom to explore the higher, more spacious floors, while younger pupils will feel at home in the more intimate spaces in the lower floors. There are also exterior and interior play spaces for RGSGD pupils.


RGS Guildford Dubai traces its heritage more than five centuries back to the original school, RGS Guildford in 1509, and this heritage has never played second fiddle to innovation. In fact, the central atrium, an icon of sustainable design, is actually a reinterpretation of the courtyard of the original school, where children once played and learned together.
The large canopy of the main building, with its criss-cross pattern of diamond-shaped windows, also pays tribute to the original campus at Guildford, whose chained library had leaded windows with a similar aesthetic. In addition, a geometric pattern permeates several spaces, an homage to the Tudor Rose that has been a part of the school’s identity for hundreds of years.


It is not just the campus itself that helps support pupils - its location is also key to the student experience. RGS Guildford Dubai is located in Tilal Al Ghaf, the flagship community of Majid Al Futtaim. The space sits between Dubai Motor City and Sports City, making for a highly central location that places students in one of the fastest-growing residential areas, giving quick access to areas of commerce and development - an important consideration for families.

A Space To Grow

RGS Guildford Dubai’s campus impresses upon its pupils the importance of sustainability, while providing for their learning needs and allowing them to grow. If you’d like your child to have the opportunity to grow in this space, visit our Admissions page and fill out our enquiry form to get started!

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